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(Left)-- This is a dead cow.  Not a sleeping cow.  Not a cow who is placidly lounging around the ol' feed lot, or waiting peaceably to get knocked in the skull with a pneumatic hammer prior to being made in to a yummy burgers or filet mignon.  No, this, my friends, is an honest to God deceased cow.  The amazing thing about this dead cow is not that it is cow, nor is it even that the cow is dead.  The condition of being dead or a cow is not all that uncommon in our high tech modern 
world is it?  Of course not.  What makes this dead cow something of a Sherlock Holmes mystery is that it was done in by foul play- murder!  This innocent, stupid, ruminant was killed not for tasty roasts, but because it knew too much!  The same could happen to you!

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